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Efficiency Is Our Top Priority

Chenang Clinic Medical and Surgery managed by Chenang Clinic Sdn Bhd established in September 2014 and started its healthcare services in Jalan Pantai Chenang , Pulau Langkawi . In February 2018, we have expended our services by opening another clinic branch in Kuah Town, Pulau Langkawi. Chenang Clinic Medical and Surgery is managed by vastly experienced doctors. We offer medical and healthcare services at primary care level and provide medical care for companies from various industries. It is our honour to be appointed as one of your panel clinic.



Chenang Clinic strives to provide a comprehensive, quality healthcare

in an accommodating and affordable manner.



Chenang Clinic is consistently at the forefront of ever evolving healthcare reform.

We remain ever cognizant of our patients’ needs and desires for good service,

clean environment and high quality affordable healthcare.





We provide an environment that is caring and conducive of healing the

whole person physically, emotionally and spiritually. We respect the individual

needs, desires and rights of our patients.



We believe in continuous quality of care and performance improvement

as the foundation for preserving and enhancing healthcare delivery. Effective

communication and education of our patients, doctors and staffs are essential

elements of this process.



We offer high quality service that are accessible and affordable.

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